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Black Rifle Coffee Company is a Utah-based coffee franchise launched in 2014 by U.S. Green Beret Evan Hafer. Hafer made a commitment to hire others who served, and today half of his workforce is made up of military veterans.

The company brews and distributes coffee throughout its brick-and-mortar locations and their products can also be found in supermarkets across the country. Black Rifle operates an online subscription-based service that is direct to-consumer, with subscribers numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Challenges & Goals

Black Rifle wanted to maximize their marketing engagement by creating a data driven marketing engine. They ran into issues previously using tools like Hubspot and Sakari. Hubspot’s API limit was proving to be a real hindrance to operations and ZenDesk failed to meet the company’s scaling requirements. In order to build next-gen marketing solutions, Black Rifle partnered with A360 and chose the Salesforce platform to fuel their growth engine. Black Rifle and A360’s partnership drove:

Data as a strategic driver connecting valuable customer engagement points from Service cloud, OMS and Commerce cloud to drive outreach and customized touch.

Real time new customer engagement, turning a single transaction from other retailers into a brand ambassador. Boosting the customer funnel from initial interaction to customer conversion.

Omni-channel capabilities using native Marketing Cloud functionality to meet customers where they prefer to interact.


By entering the Salesforce ecosystem, the company is now able to automate marketing and sales workflows. With Salesforce’s predictive intelligence capabilities, the company can determine recommended next-step actions to tailor the customer experience. Black Rifle’s operations were improved in various ways:

Data Integrity & useability:

Since transitioning from Hubspot to Marketing Cloud, all subscriber and customer information now lives under one umbrella, trimmed of duplicate entries.

Data driven marketing:

The marketing team now enjoys easy access to logged customer service cases, able to tweak and refine promotions based on customer feedback.

Tech Stack Consolidation:

Switching to the unified Salesforce system reduced expenses, replacing the multiple platforms previously in use by the company.

Customer engagement:

IP warming was completed on schedule, with a deliverability above 99% and a significantly increased email open rate.

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We’ve already seen a higher engagement rate with the emails that we’ve done through IP warming. That’s one of the biggest wins.

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