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Discover Avatar, an all-in-one app designed exclusively for Salesforce. Avatar lets you deduplicate, score, and assign your leads seamlessly, all within the secure Salesforce environment.

Key Features

Deduplicate Your Leads

Avatar enables real-time lead deduplication, ensuring your team always works with clean and consolidated data. Every action is tracked and audited for transparency.

Build Custom Scoring

Effortlessly score your leads using data from leads, contacts, and related objects. You can assign weights to different properties using mathematical functions to identify high-priority leads for routing.

Assign Leads to Your Team

With built-in User Groups and Queues, Avatar simplifies lead assignment. Whether you prefer round-robin or record count-based routing, Avatar makes sure the right lead goes to the right person. You can also attach and prioritize multiple queues.

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Why Avatar?

Choose Avatar for precise data, automated workflows, organized CRM lead management, and data-driven growth, solving your data clutter, tedious tasks, and decision-making challenges.

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Default Plan

Unlock all Avatar features with unlimited usage at no extra cost. Avatar seamlessly integrates with your Salesforce organization, and there are no additional fees. If you need assistance, the Accelerize 360 team is available for a small setup fee.

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Transform your Salesforce CRM experience with Avatar—an innovative lead management software.
What’s included
  • All analytics features
  • Up to 500,000 tracked visits
  • Premium support
  • Up to 10 team members
What’s included
  • All analytics features
  • Up to 1,000,000 tracked visits
  • Dedicated support
  • Up to 50 team members

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avatar, and how can it simplify my Salesforce CRM experience?

Avatar makes it easier to use Salesforce CRM because it helps you keep your data clean. By building rules that help you find duplicates, prioritize important customers, and distribute workload in real-time, you can make sure your team is always working with the most accurate information.

How does Avatar route leads, and keep my team organized?

Avatar's Efficient Lead Routing feature simplifies lead and case assignments by intelligently routing them based on criteria such as location and expertise. You can build custom rules using any information on your lead or case, then route it to a user or a user group that has the appropriate skills. This helps make sure your customers land in the right hands at the right time.

What does the Advanced Lead Scoring Models feature entail, and how can it improve my task assignment efficiency?

With Avatar's Advanced Lead Scoring Models, you can create customized criteria for Leads and Contacts, making it easier to prioritize opportunities. You can build complex rules that result in a lead score, and then prioritize assignments on your most valuable leads. This all happens automatically, saving you time every day.

Why should I choose Avatar for my Lead Management needs?

Avatar was built to bundle all of the critical functions of lead management software in one app. Instead of using multiple tools, Avatar lets you dedupe, score, and assign work to your team in a single user interface. This makes things easier to maintain, and also lets you track how things are working, making you as efficient as possible.