Simplify your borrower communication with Homer, directly in Salesforce.Customer Delight

Welcome to a new era of client communication powered by Homer. Use it as a Loan Officer to build seamless plans that engage borrowers in real-time, and keep your team organized. Best of all, Homer works directly in Salesforce, with no new logins or systems to manage.

Features that Make the Difference

Automated Journeys

Craft your client connections effortlessly. Homer's intuitive rules let you connect with clients at exactly the right moments during their home-buying journey. Seamlessly add or remove touch points based on timing, lead data, or Encompass loan information using our custom connector.

Pre-Built Flows

No need to start from scratch. Our mortgage experts kickstart your journey with customizable flows that you can fine-tune to add your personal touch. Whether you’re building a follow up at initial application, or asking for a referral post-close, Homer lets you build your touch-points swiftly.

Real-Time Texting

Texting made intuitive. Homer gives you the simplest possible texting experience, directly in Salesforce. Effortlessly text leads, clients, and contacts, all while tracking every interaction from your custom inbox view.

Next-gen Banking Experience - Starthub X Webflow Template

Why Choose Homer?

Imagine a world where communication flows effortlessly, your borrowers are always in the loop, and your Salesforce dashboard is your command center. With Homer, this world is at your fingertips.

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