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Wealth Manager Reaches 60% Higher AUM in 3 Years

Cuddy Financial transitioned to Salesforce and significantly boosted assets under management. Full case study.

Meet Cuddy Financial Services

Cuddy Financial Services in Auburn, NY, provides wealth management, retirement planning, estate planning, accounting, taxes, life insurance & more. Dan Cuddy – the founder – started advising clients back in 1995.

“The beauty of this profession is that it’s never stagnant,” Dan explains. “There’s always something new and you have to keep sharpening the saw and make sure you understand the latest and greatest.”

Cuddy Financial partnered with Accelerize 360 when transitioning to Salesforce. The team aimed to scale business through automation. Even more importantly, Cuddy Financial needed a system to easily gather & access client information, ensuring advisors offer the best possible counsel.

“Salesforce is the future,” sums up Dan.

Challenges & Goals

Transferring decades’ worth of client data from Cuddy Financial’s old system was a big job. The wealth management firm also needed help setting up Salesforce integrations and training staff. Accelerize 360 took care of everything. Once the implementation was complete, Dan & team pursued some even more ambitious goals:

  • Saving time through automation
  • Customizing notes for daily ops
  • Streamlining meetings prep
  • Tracking all opportunities

Cuddy Financial 2.0

Automated actions

Thanks to Salesforce, Action Plans can now be triggered by various business events. For example, acquiring a new client triggers an Action Plan that progresses automatically until the client is successfully onboarded. Along the way, tasks are assigned to the right team members. All the time saved allows Cuddy Financial employees to focus on important stuff, like building long-lasting and trusting client relationships.

“These were things that I never really knew were available … Not only was [the Accelerize 360 team] good at implementing what we wanted, they also showed us other tools that can help make our lives easier.”

Efficiency in meetings

One-on-one client meetings are indispensable to wealth management. That’s why Accelerize created a document to extract and display all the data needed for client get-togethers. Now, Dan & team don’t waste time searching for basic information like children’s names, dates of birth, etc.

“This customer data form is very helpful in managing our client’s affairs and knowing a lot of information that could be in many different places but now is consolidated in one place.”

Of course, client meetings often reveal new insights and details. The Cuddy Financial team always made a point of carefully recording all such information. Thanks to Salesforce and Accelerize, they now use a custom-built notes template where they can simply check boxes and assign tasks.

“Recording all information from the meeting is very valuable to ensure we didn’t miss anything … any future opportunities that could enhance the client’s life and help our firm grow.”

Seizing opportunities

Dan explains that Salesforce has given him a deeper understanding of his clients: “I’m able to refer back to things we discussed years ago and refresh my memory.”

This increased acuity helps Cuddy Financial stay on top of new opportunities. For an even greater edge, Accelerize customized an Opportunity dashboard so the team can check in regularly to see what’s on the horizon. Accelerize also trained the Cuddy Financial employees to develop good Salesforce logging practices; this satisfies regulatory requirements and also ensures data dashboards are accurate tools for decision-making.

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I have tried working with other consultants that said they understood the FSC platform and it ended up being a disaster. This company, Accelerize 360, has been very good and open from the start.

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