Field Service Management Implementation
Customer Delight

This graphics installation company is headquartered in the Southeastern region of the United States and operates nationwide. From street-level signs to high-rise displays, the company works with printing and marketing agencies to deploy sophisticated and attention-grabbing installations.

Challenges & Goals

Operating under the weight of manual processes, the company needed digital solutions that would help convert its sales efforts to actual on-site work. Inter-departmental communication depended entirely on email and chat, which proved to be inefficient. The sales department in particular required a centralized system, and though the company already had Sales Cloud, they reached out to Accelerize 360 for further implementations and refinements that would help streamline and automate workflows. The boost given to this company would require both out-of-the-box features from Salesforce and customized work from the A360 team.

The company’s sales team needed to transition from their manual systems. They required a transparent, automated dashboard that would easily establish weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales goals.

The Payoff

Field Service Management

Formerly FSL, this ensures proper scheduling and record-keeping for the on-site work performed by the company’s contracted installers. Field Service includes a mobile component that A360 enhanced, keeping on-site workers coordinated with office staff.


A boost for budgets, estimates, and sales goals. A360 integrated QuickBooks with Salesforce and developed customized solutions that made this information clear and transparent to the entire team.

Improved change orders

This gave the team a better handle on further work required on-site and evolving project scope. Automated emails and email alerts inform sales executives and project managers of status changes

Reports and dashboards

Company executives get a clearer picture of goals, deadlines, and performance. This information is streamlined, and no longer spread across various manual systems. The company also enjoys a customized feature for image uploads, covering the progress of their on-site projects.

To put it simply, the company now enjoys a streamlined process. Selling a client is now easier, delivering more on-site jobs and ensuring that field workers are in sync with office executives. Performance is tracked through Salesforce systems to financials.

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FSM software is a technological solution designed to help field service managers take control of all the moving parts by automating certain tasks while providing remote access to the office, real-time updates, customer insights, and many other tools.

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