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Our client was one of the largest specialty underwriters of catastrophe-exposed property insurance in the United States. In this business, customer service is key. Each challenge is unique and needs to be addressed fast. 

Data silos

Customer data can live in many places such as 3rd party ticket systems, order management tools, and the good ol’ spreadsheet.

Lack of real-time reporting

Service issues come up unexpectedly and it is important to diagnose the problem quickly. Your team must understand whether there is a product defect or a system wide outage.

How Service Cloud Can Help

  • Understand your customer's journey
  • Gain insights on products and services
  • Build reputation and brand loyalty
  • Manage a growing customer base with limited resources
  • Improve business processes through automation

The A360 Approach

Accelerize 360 has a structured approach to each project based on past experience. During discovery, we listen to our client’s pain points and document their ideal solution. We strategize with leaders and understand their core KPIs. We pinpoint repeatable tasks and find ways to automate. When possible, we take a phased approach where we layer enhancements while the team learns the system and provides feedback.

Big Wins

Quick wins are easily achieved with standard Service Cloud features. Our expertise allows us to configure out-of-the-box features quickly, so we can work on processes that are unique to the client. This allows us to uncover one of the values of Salesforce - the ability to customize.

Self Service Portal

  • View policies
  • Submit cases
  • Track cases

Omni Channel

  • Case routing
  • Omni supervisor
  • Email-to-case

Chatbot / Live Chat

  • Case deflection
  • Add new channels


  • Near real-time reporting
  • Dashboard dedicatedto service KPIs

Next Steps

Leverage documented standard procedures and team knowledge and give agents access to this information. This allows customer service agents to improve case deflection and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Chatbot Optimization
  • Knowledge Base for Knowledge Recommendation

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