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LL Flooring is a large retail and e-commerce company based in the United States. This business has an impressive 28 year history in the flooring industry and more than 442 stores nationwide.

On the heels of their re-branding, customer connection is a big priority at LL Flooring. Sajaad Shah, the CRM & Marketing Automation Leader, explains it like this:

It’s about becoming better marketers through automation, personalization and having a unified view of our customer. We [want to have] a centralized location for our customer data that we can leverage across a variety of media channels, whether that’s email, social media, search, etc.

Tech #Goals

The LL Flooring team already had Salesforce Marketing Cloud and needed a partner to help them implement Personalization and Customer Data Platform (now called Data Cloud). The main goal was to set up these software programs in a quick and efficient manner. The team had a tight timeline of roughly 60 days.

That’s where Accelerize 360 entered the scene; our deep MC expertise and focus on efficiency allowed us to tackle this tight deadline with confidence. We got to work, setting up Personalization to give the LL Flooring team greater insight into site visitor sand allowing them to build behavior-based triggered campaigns.

The A360 Approach

In addition to setting up Personalization and CDP in a timely manner, our team built the following customer journeys:

  • Cart Abandon
  • Browse Abandon
  • Category Abandon
  • Price Drop Alert
  • Replenishment
  • Entry and Exit Pop-up

The Payoff

In the course of building customer journeys, our team emphasized retargeting campaigns for


Cart Abandonment

Category Abandonment

Price Drop Alerts

Thanks to the A360 team’s efforts testing and optimizing, LL Flooring is well positioned to reach prospects with personalized, timely suggestions that turn them into customers.

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The team is extremely knowledgeable ... and that knowledge has been difficult to find elsewhere. Knowing that we have that expertise on our team is a breath of fresh air.

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