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Investment Management Firm Halves Time To Open New Accounts

Learn how wealth management firm Reynders McVeigh took advantage of the automations Salesforce offers.

Meet Reynders McVeigh

Reynders McVeigh is a stand-out wealth management firm. This team conducts their own market research and individually tailors client portfolios.

They emphasize efficiency and automation, so technology has always been a focus area at RMV. After four years using Salesforce, they knew it was time to level up to Lightning. But this undertaking was more than a system update. The Reynders McVeigh team was hungry to learn how to maximize their Salesforce investment and leverage more solutions.

“We didn’t want to just switch over to Lightning, we wanted to do more … We wanted to elevate our system and give our team more oversight and automation. That’s why we partnered with Accelerize 360,” says Ashley Lyons, Senior Operations Manager.

Transformation Goals

These savvy investment managers needed a partner who could provide lots of customized touches, without reinventing the wheel. Check out these ambitious goals:

  • Enable Lightning switch
  • Build sales processes
  • Automate manual tasks
  • Oversee team activities

Then & Now

Lightning: A brave new world

Ashley recalls working with Accelerize 360 through the transition to Lightning: “On the back end we felt very prepared for this system go live. I can’t say I’ve felt that way for any other big shift.

After training from Accelerize 360, she’s been teaching her team in turn. “The feedback was this new system just looks so sharp, clean and so easy to read.”

Automations to the rescue

Ashley favors the new automations most of all. “The amount of clicks we cut down in the project was amazing.”

The big impact was time saved: “From a portfolio being entered to being sent out to the client, we went down from 7 days to 4 days. From receiving paperwork from a client to an account being opened used to be a 2 to 3 day process and now it can take up to 1 day.”

Automating away manual tasks has particularly benefited client services managers: “Now instead of manually entering cases, they automatically kick off. There’s a lot less worry about missing things because you might have got distracted by a phone call, email or interruption.”

From zero to sales process

Reynders McVeigh was in a key moment of transition from being a referral-based firm. They needed a complete sales flow, from lead to opportunity to client onboarding. This flow had to be customized, since at RMV, the person selling sticks with the client until their accounts are open.

A formal sales process opens the door to new business growth.

Total visibility

“No one ever knew what was going on, everyone had their own folders. If you managed a team, you didn’t know what was going on unless you were at every meeting.”

Now, each client team has full visibility, which is invaluable when an employee is unavailable. It makes a huge difference, Ashley explains, “to see what’s in the system and know what to prepare for.”

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