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June 27, 2024

AI Marketing Personalization - AI in Marketing to Drive Customer Engagement

Transform your marketing strategy with AI-driven personalization! Engage customers with timely, tailored content and boost satisfaction.

With so much digital noise happening in our daily lives, consumers are becoming more and more desensitized to traditional advertising methods. As advertising costs rise and customers become more indifferent to generic marketing messages, it’s crucial for marketing teams to pivot their approach.

AI-driven marketing personalization allows marketing teams to recapture consumer attention with deeply targeted and tailored content. From the initial touchpoint to even post-purchase interactions, consumers can now enjoy an experience that is highly tailored and designed to meet their unique preferences, behaviors, and needs.

The Challenge of Modern Marketing Strategies

To further drive home the importance of switching marketing gears, advertising costs are rising as consumer interests are becoming increasingly fragmented.

In fact, in 2023, the average spending on Google Search Ads for the United States jumped 17%! This is partially due to higher competition to receive consumer attention, but it is also a result of consumers not being as impacted by modern marketing efforts.

The rise of SMS (texting) and email marketing highlights the adapting marketing landscape. According to recent studies, SMS marketing has a recent impressive open rate of 98%. This is significantly higher than the average email open rate of just 20%.

With higher open rates, it is evident that consumers are choosing the more personalized approach of SMS communications. Of course, the ongoing challenge is to create messages that strike a balance between being personalized, perfectly timed, and not overly intrusive.

As it turns out, a moment-oriented approach to marketing is a great way to capture consumer attention without turning them off!

What is a moment-oriented growth strategy?

Marketing efforts have traditionally focused on specific channels or customer journeys or pathways, measuring success by how well each channel converts. While this method worked for a time, it is now proving to become increasingly ineffective as it misses the bigger picture of the consumer’s experience. 

It’s no longer sufficient to simply look at how many people clicked on a link or purchased a product or service. Instead, it’s more effective to understand why they did it and what influenced their decision in that moment. From there, marketing teams can replicate that success by recreating that specific experience.

Examples of Moment-Oriented Growth Strategy

  • After an Event: Imagine you just left a concert, hockey game, or musical. Before you even reach your car or the train, you get an email thanking you for attending and suggesting similar events you might like in the future.
  • Product Delivery: You order a new pair of shoes online. On the day they arrive, you receive an email checking if they fit well and offering suggestions for clothing that would perfectly match those shoes and complete the outfit.
  • Special Occasions: On your birthday or even wedding anniversary, your favorite store sends you a personalized discount code or gift suggestion based on your previous purchases.
  • Travel Reminders: Before your flight, you receive a message with last-minute travel tips and weather updates for your destination. Within that notification, you also receive a coupon to “click” and purchase further accommodations at your hotel.
  • Subscription Renewals: As your subscription is about to expire, you get a personalized reminder with an offer tailored to your usage behaviors. This could be an additional perk to entice you to purchase more, or it can be a discount to ensure your business is retained. 

The above examples demonstrate how marketing is moving from interrupting customers to merging with them at key moments. 

Instead of disrupting their experience, moment-oriented strategies allow marketing teams to connect with consumers with perfect timing. As you can imagine, this approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also encourages retained business.

Enhanced Marketing Personalization

Every customer, whether it is a whole enterprise or an individual, is unique with their own habits and preferences, making marketing personalization a real challenge. That's where tools like Marketing Cloud Personalization come in handy. 

Conveniently, Data Cloud is a cutting-edge, comprehensive tool that connects all your marketing, commerce, sales, service, revenue, and campaign performance data into unified customer profiles. With these profiles, marketing teams can quickly create target audience segments and engage them across multiple channels. 

It's like having a 360-degree view of your customers! This all-in-one solution makes it easier to enhance the customer experience and promote brand loyalty with the right message at the right time.

Data Cloud also helps you identify similar audiences and tailor your campaign efforts based on real-time behaviors and needs. By leveraging predictive analytics, you can predict what your customers will do next and deliver real-time personalization that keeps them coming back for more.

More Like This: It’s important to remember that even the best personalization engines need a strong data foundation to work their magic. Check out our article, Unlocking Customer Insights: How Data Cloud Transforms Your Marketing Strategy, for more insight! 

Accelerize 360: A New Spin on Data-Driven Marketing 

Our Accelerize 360 team recognizes that tapping into meaningful customer engagement means harnessing the power of data-driven marketing and artificial intelligence. By utilizing advanced AI algorithms and integrating them through marketing automation, we empower brands to move beyond traditional segmentation and deliver hyper-personalized experiences at scale. 

The marketing sector is shifting, and so it is essential for organizations to stay abreast of those changes and prioritize long-term customer equity goals alongside short-term revenue targets. This requires a strategic approach that includes data science, machine learning, and predictive analytics. 

By creating unified customer profiles and segments within your organization, you can observe and predict purchasing patterns, ensuring your marketing strategy is flexible and successful.

Reach out to us at Accelerize 360 to learn how our expertise in data-driven personalization can help your business achieve new heights!