Unlocking Customer Insights: How Data Cloud Transforms Your Marketing Strategy
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January 10, 2024

Unlocking Customer Insights: How Data Cloud Transforms Your Marketing Strategy

Elevate marketing with Data Cloud: Activate customer insights, segmentation, and machine learning for targeted campaigns. A game-changer for marketers!

How relevant are you to your customers?

You know a lot about your customers - their big purchases, their recurring subscriptions, their highest spending categories. Further, you know their preferred device, their attitude toward money, and the best time to reach them.

So what do you do with that information?

Why Data Cloud?

With Data Cloud, you can activate this data. You (as a marketer) can slice and dice your data to identify and target segments.

  • Customers who spent over $2,000 each month for the last 3 months but don’t have a rewards card
  • Customers who fly at least once every 3 months but don’t have a travel rewards card
  • Customers who purchase home insurance but don’t have their mortgage with you
  • Customers who have had recurring outbound transactions to their other bank accounts
  • Customers who have not enabled biometrics on their mobile app, although they’ve had a fraud claim

You get the idea - the world’s your oyster.

How would you do this without Data Cloud?

If you don’t have Data Cloud, you probably feed all this data into a Data Warehouse, lean on your IT team to write SQL queries to generate the audiences you need to target, and then feed that audience to your marketing automation platform. Then, when you need to tweak your segmentation logic, you do this all over again.

With Data Cloud, we set up a one-time data feed from your core banking into Data Cloud with all the data privacy and compliance you need. You can then whip up segments in a fraction of the time and activate them through omni-channel marketing. 

What else can you do with Data Cloud?

The use cases mentioned above are just the beginning.

  • Householding (roadmap feature): Want to target customers based on not just their behavior but the behavior of other household members such as a spouse or kids? Yes, you can.

       Machine Learning:

  1. Need to predict churn on deposits or insurance products?
  2. Need to identify the best product offer for a given customer profile?
  3. Need to promote partner offers based on their transactions?
  4. Need to identify hidden patterns in your customers that you cannot even guess?
  • 2nd party and 3rd party data: Enrich your data with partners’ data to create even more powerful customer profiles without ever compromising your customer data through Snowflake-enabled Data Sharing.

Where do you begin?

Our approach:


  • Identify your data sources
  • Create data ingestion flow diagrams
  • Develop an integration strategy that balances acceptable latency with cost considerations

        Use Cases:

  • Agree on high-priority, low-complexity use cases
  • Define activation data flows


  • Build the ingestion data flows
  • Unify profiles to create holistic customer data 
  • Create segments
  • Build activation data flows
  • Train your team to improve your marketing strategy continually
  • Develop a roadmap for advanced use cases, including machine learning-based segments

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy with Data Cloud

Unlocking the full potential of your marketing strategy begins with Data Cloud. The power to activate and utilize customer insights is at your fingertips, enabling you to redefine how you connect with your audience. Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Reach out to us today and discover how Data Cloud and A360 can transform your approach, streamline your processes, and open doors to innovative possibilities. Let's shape the future of your marketing together!

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