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March 9, 2023

Let Your Sales Team’s Commissions Cruise in Style with Dinero

Dinero automates the commissions process so that your business runs efficiently.

When purchasing an automobile, we tend to place a lot of emphasis on features like leather seats and horsepower. Most of the important things about a car or truck we take for granted. If, say, the windshield didn’t allow us to see where we were going or the steering or brakes didn’t react almost immediately, we would be miffed. And justifiably so. These are basic features that every automobile should have.  

However, for some reason, commission calculations systems often don’t have such basic features. Many companies still handle such calculations in a spreadsheet, reconciling them at the end of the month. With Dinero, you can get increased transparency and real-time agility, positioning your sales agents for success while reducing overhead.  

Starting the Engine

Sales people live and breathe commissions, and they are often the largest motivating factor for a sales team. A commission system that relies on manual processes means huge delays, confusion, and a missed opportunity to keep a sales team focused on the right deals.This lack of transparency leaves sales agents afloat in a sea of uncertainty, which in turn prevents them from maximizing their time and effort.

Imagine a car you bought had a narrow or dark windshield. You would likely feel unsafe driving, or, at the very least driving over, say 20 mph. Now, imagine that same car, when you braked or turned the wheel, had a three second lag before the car reacted. You would likely never drive that car. 

If all cars were this way, we wouldn’t know any differently, so we would still drive. After all, driving is still better than walking. This is probably how your sales agents feel. When sales agents have to wait to see their commissions, there is a divide between a sales agent’s work and the reward that comes from that work. Show them there is a better way.  

Specs That Matter

Dinero offers several benefits over traditional commission calculations. Instead of your sales agents needing to wait for the end of the month, an easy-to-use dashboard allows them to see their progress, broken out into granular detail. This allows them to garner insight into their commissions in the way that suits them best, empowering them with more autonomy. Being able to track their earned commissions, contracted commissions and commissions in the pipeline also enables them to know how best to use their time, allowing them to work more efficiently. 

Your accounting department will have an easier time too since calculations are all done inside Salesforce. Further, since sales agents already have a large part of what they need to stay motivated to sell, managers can also be more hands-off, freeing up their time to manage other endeavors. 

Because Dinero works within Salesforce, commissions are not just easy to digest, they also update almost immediately. There is no logging into another system. There is no importing data or syncing that system to your Salesforce, because Dinero is essentially an extension of Salesforce. It works like Salesforce works, which means your commission structure will never be out of date.

Taken together all this can help your business run more efficiently while making your employees more satisfied, maximizing revenue in the process.  

The Keys to the Car

While Accelerize 360 has designed Dinero to be plug-and-play, it needs to be configured based on your commission rules. Our team will input your existing commission structure into Dinero, and help test to make sure the real-time calculations give you the same results as your existing process. Providing a deep understanding of how to use Dinero, our team will help set up real-time commissions and get you off and running. 

So, give your sales team the keys to the car — one that has the transparency and agility they deserve. Get Dinero.