Success Story: FinTechCustomer Delight

Meet Our Client

Our client is a large FinTech provider specializing in payment security. Their products, being technical solutions in nature, require clear and concise documentation along with a best-in-class support team. 

The FinTech provider partnered with Accelerize 360 while working to enhance their customer service experience on the Salesforce platform. This company aimed to decrease time to resolution and commit to more aggressive SLAs. After all, 88% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its product or service.


First, the company’s documentation was organized as hard-coded web pages that couldn’t be maintained by business users. This meant every business change that impacted even a single word in documentation required development support. 

Second, customer service channels were limited to only phone or email. This caused bottlenecks even from simple questions. 

Last, all these challenges amounted to a lack of agility around customer service.

Why is Self Service So Important?

Not every support question requires an expert. Sometimes customers are just asking about pricing or features. We often refer to these types of questions as FAQs. When these FAQs aren’t easily accessible, their answers can get lost in a game of Where’s Waldo. This can lead to inefficiencies in the support process and a drop in customer satisfaction. 

The Accelerize 360 Approach

The A360 philosophy is to become an extension of the client team and look at implementation from a business perspective. We’re not simply here to set up your product, we’re here to define and build the most beneficial solution. That’s why we make sure all stakeholders are aligned, (including both business and technical) before implementation begins.

Big Wins


Drop in incoming cases due to added self-service offers (Knowledge Base, Chatbot, Webform Case Deflection

Expeditious resolution

Drop in response times and time to resolution

Future Possibilities

  • Partner Login Knowledge Base
  • Enhance CTI Integration with Salesforce
  • Automated Article Recommendations

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