Snapshot Of Success: Rapid Architecture Tells A Story You Can See
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December 14, 2022

Snapshot Of Success: Rapid Architecture Tells A Story You Can See

Rapid architecture is a service that gives you a visual understanding of how your company's systems work.

A picture, as the old adage goes, is worth a thousand words. Nowhere is this likely more true than when talking about a web of interaction. Try describing the state of a chess board or a football field, and you will understand. When the web is abstract, for instance, within a computer network … things get even more dicey.

Accelerize 360 has solved this problem, giving you a way to see macro problems that then allow you to zoom in and troubleshoot micro issues by tinkering with connections. This can then allow you to zoom out and make macro decisions. We call this service “rapid architecture.” Rapid architecture is a way to understand the relationships between all your company’s systems.

This calling-card service gives you a visual layout of how your systems connect, so you can understand how to get the most out of your system. Imagine trying to tell someone over the phone how to rewire a light switch. It would be very difficult, describing the tangle of wires, where they go, what color they are.

But with the advent of video chat, we no longer have this problem. We can now show instead of tell. Rapid architecture works on the same concept. Armed with our unique service, you can sidestep problems and get your desired result. How quickly our team can put together a rapid architecture that charts the path for success is a massive boon, allowing you to see and understand a complicated process in just minutes.  

What you get

With our one-of-a-kind service, you can better foresee obstacles. A visual rendering tailored to your business allows you easily to see how data flows within systems like your CRM or Marketing Cloud.

With this understanding in hand, you can have strong confidence in Salesforce’s capabilities as well as the systems adjacent to Salesforce. Further, rapid architecture allows you to get a handle on connections between external data sources and internal data sources.

The first step in setting up your rapid architecture is explaining to our team what you need your business to achieve i.e., how you aren’t getting something you want out of your system. Rapid architecture puts you on the same page as our team. It also harmonizes differing teams, which builds confidence in any project.

In this way, the project is like a convoy of cars headed to the same destination, and rapid architecture is like giving every driver (or perhaps, to be safer, whomever is riding shotgun) the map with the path charted.  

So, the first step is to identify the problem, whether it is some function of your systems or some vision that is going unrealized. The answer as to how to solve that problem lies in how your systems are synced. Maybe your customers aren’t getting confirmation emails in a timely manner after a purchase. Maybe your customer support team is unaware of a customer’s history when they call for assistance.

All this can be alleviated by understanding where the divide in information lies, which information is siloed, why certain systems aren’t talking to each other and so forth.

“Rapid architecture is a way to understand the relationships between all your company’s systems.” @Accelerize360

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How we do it

Perhaps what your business wants is not possible. Maybe it is only possible if your company first does some legwork to allow it. Often, we might have a suspicion that something we want is not doable. Our team’s signature service pinpoints what your company needs to do in order to solve a problem or get a better result.

Only then will you be able to determine whether and when such an endeavor is worth undertaking. A visual architecture allows you to see how your data is structured and flows before you push forward with whatever overhaul you’re considering. For instance, understanding which data goes out in batches and which data is real-time allows for clarity around how to use it. In this way, you set a baseline for project success.

In short, it allows you to identify:

  • Project dependencies
  • Gaps in your tech stack
  • Past and future problems
  • Opportunities to make better use of your existing platforms

How it helps

Nearly any business can benefit from rapid architecture. Of course, our team may have a basic model for how your industry goes about different operational aspects. Understanding where your business differs from our baseline — how its operations are unique — will allow us to navigate the quirks of your business to tailor your systems connections toward your desired goal.

Undergoing this distinctive process upfront not only saves tens of hours at the outset, it allows you to prioritize what is needed immediately to get you up and running. Then, because we have designed rapid architecture to do more than observe, we can prescribe solutions, and you can begin laying out short-term and long-term goals depending on your ambitions.

Contact our knowledgeable team today to get your company’s rapid architecture underway. Don’t rely on abstract ideas floating in the ether to give you an idea how to fix problems. Get the picture that is worth a thousand words. Get rapid architecture.

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