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March 13, 2023

Salesforce Health Check: The Thermometer of Success

To ensure Salesforce is operating the way it should, you may need a health check from a professional.

We all know what a check-up is. It is something you do at the doctor or the dentist, something that ensures everything is OK, everything is functioning as it should. If you neglect your health, certain things — preventable things — can create massive problems. Nobody wants that.

But it isn’t just your health that needs checking up. If you run a company using Salesforce, your tech stack needs it too. And for the same reasons.

Say “Ahh”

Maybe you’ve bought Salesforce and tried to set it up yourself. Maybe you had someone else set it up. Now, something isn’t working right. You’re getting error messages. Automations aren’t going out when they are supposed to. Connections aren’t flowing the way you want. You can’t see your data the way you would like. 

Or maybe something isn’t broken. It could be that you just want to make better use of the system. This is the value of a Salesforce health check.

An experienced partner can dig into your systems and troubleshoot any problems, giving you a clear insight into how data is flowing or any bugs that need ironing out. It is likely you have some instinct as to why your Salesforce is not performing up to your standards. 

By lifting the hood, so to speak, a partner can confirm that hypothesis and get to the true cause, whether that jibes with your hypothesis or is rooted in something else. Either way, by taking a systems-first approach, you will gain insight into not only what is causing the issue but possibly spotting problems that have yet to arise.  

Writing the Prescription 

In a dream world, your company would have everything that has happened with your Salesforce documented. But that isn’t always possible if you don’t know keeping such documentation was necessary. So, our first step is to dive into your system without talking to anyone, doing a technical analysis to cover all your bases end-to-end.

Then, our team can begin to marry what we see during that analysis and your goal. With the specs of your system in hand, a partner will give you a deep understanding of what sort of investment your company needs to make in order to bring your vision to life. 

That might entail an in-depth project or an ongoing managed-services agreement. It all depends on your appetite for getting your system to function in a certain way balanced with your budget. 

“An experienced partner can dig into your systems ... giving you a clear insight into how data is flowing or any bugs that need ironing out.” @Accelerize360

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Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

There is a good likelihood that there will be different layers to your health check. Depth as opposed to breadth, if you will. Some systems might just require a flyover — a high level audit to get your desired result. Others might call for digging into your code to solve any given issue. Obviously, whether the latter is something you want will depend on your company’s budget and needs.

Engaging in preventative medicine instead of reactive medicine poises you to maintain good health. Avoid being reactive with your Salesforce system by getting our experienced team to address the symptoms. Your systems will thank you.