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Keystone Benefits Group revamped operations with a little help from Salesforce. Full case study.

Meet Keystone Benefits

Keystone Benefits Group is a veteran-owned agency specializing in employee benefits for government contractors. This insurer wanted to invest in technology as sophisticated and hard-working as their target market.

“The benefits we’re offering are something that are used pretty much every day … and that includes weekends and after hours. So you’ve got to be available and ready to support,” explains Mike deVaux, Managing Partner.

Keystone initially partnered with Accelerize 360 when adopting Salesforce. “We were really looking for a system that would allow us to track all the different things we were doing for our clients … We wanted to maintain our service level, but also be able to scale with our growth.” The team felt Salesforce offered the best capabilities for customization and the kind of automation needed for round-the-clock client support.

Big Starting Goals

Mike and his team kicked off with an operations focus: “to bring a service solution to our organization that lets us track what we’re doing, report on that and be able to look globally at what’s going on with the organization.” Here were the main objectives:

  • Greater accountability
  • Automated workflows
  • Full system visibility

New & Improved Functions

Transparent Ops

Mike details how boosting global visibility through Salesforce helps his team stand out from the crowd: “This customization has given us more visibility than probably 98% of all brokers out there in our ability to service clients, track what’s going on within our accounts and to be able to report that stewardship. I really feel like it’s achieved all our objectives.”

For example, enrollment counts are a key business indicator. Thanks to Salesforce, the Keystone team can always tell how many new clients are on the horizon. Moving forward, Accelerize 360 is also helping with ZoomInfo and miEdge integrations. These will provide extra transparency, allowing Keystone to gauge the quality of new leads.

Smarter Workflows

Unlike static documents, automated workflows are dynamic and responsive.  

Mike deVaux and his team – with help from Accelerize 360 – did the thoughtful work of setting up this technology. Smart workflows smooth task management and assist employees, ensuring no steps are missed. Now, upcoming or work-in-progress tasks are easily prioritized and assigned to the right teammates.

Accountability & Stewardship

Before Salesforce, business activity was tracked in a Google doc.

Now, the Keystone team can keep tabs on who made any particular change in the system and when. They can follow “every little click.” If an error occurs, Keystone leadership will be able to audit what happened and either apply training to the individual or accountability to the action.

Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

While Keystone has already reaped substantial rewards, the team’s Salesforce journey is only getting started.

Onward from operations, the next exciting step deals with sales and marketing, specifically Pardot (currently known as MC Account Engagement). Mike outlines that he wants to keep his finger on the pulse of engagement and improve communication with existing clients. “And really understand if we’re on target with the message that we’re trying to get out to both our existing and potential clients,” he adds.

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I would definitely recommend Accelerize 360… they have lived up to what we were expecting in a partner to help us with the implementation.

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