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Spirit Realty is a real estate investment trust (REIT) headquartered in Dallas, Texas. As specialists in acquisitions, asset and portfolio management and deep research within the real estate market, Spirit has grown their portfolio to over 2000 owned properties, leasable across 49 states in North America.

Tech Goals/Challenges

Spirit Realty relied on static Excel spreadsheets for manual business processes. This was inefficient and resulted in a lack of transparency among the many departments within the company. Spirit had already purchased a Salesforce license; they assigned Sherry Berry, a thirty-year IT veteran, to unlock its sheer power. Berry had a vision for transformative automated workflows, but knew she needed outside Salesforce consultants to turn her ideas into reality.

Acquisition Disposition

Tenant Financials

Tenant Disbursement

CRM Streamlining

Of these goals, Tenant Disbursement (TD) and Tenant Financials (TF) proved to be majorprojects and the biggest challenge to implement.

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A360 helped Spirit Realty surmount their biggest obstacle by converting Tenant Disbursement and Tenant Financials into a transparent workflow. Only existing as static spreadsheets before A360’s help, TD and TF are now readily available to the whole company.



No longer isolated to individual departments, workflow information and progress is transparent to the company as a whole.


The Spirit team is alerted through instant notifications about ongoing steps in the workflow, boosting efficiency for the company.


Supplementing these workflows, the team is now able to create reports, a records and progress resource that wasn’t in use beforeA360’s help.

Next Steps

Spirit will continue to abolish spreadsheets in favor of creating more case workflows through Salesforce. This gives everyone on their team a clear view of their tasks and inspires easier communication between departments. The company will also take advantage of Salesforce to communicate more effectively with their tenants, boosting sales engagement.

They were right on it. Any time an emergency came up we could rely on A360.

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