Let Our Experienced Team Coach Your Data to Victory
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March 1, 2023

Let Our Experienced Team Coach Your Data to Victory

Our team can help your business function with data-driven operations.

A sports team has lots of moving parts — scorers, defenders, playmakers, special teams. In order to manage all the different elements, a team needs someone to look at the big picture. This is where a head coach comes in. A coach coordinates every component of the team to ensure its success.

Every aspect of a team can be analyzed. That analysis will typically strive to quantify whatever element it is studying. In doing so, that analysis likely produces numbers as a measure. 

For a business, those numbers manifest as data. Just like a sports team, a business needs someone to manage and coordinate each part of its data to ensure success. So, like a coach, whether you’re updating Salesforce or you're new to it, our team can handle every aspect of your data. Because, really, data is the core of your business.   

Special Teams

As an experienced partner, we can see the big picture. That means being able to give your business a deep understanding of how all your data systems work together. This knowledge enables us to train your team to know enough to weigh in on essential processes. Empowered with this insight, they are able to make key decisions, putting your business on a personalized path to success.

It all starts with how we handle your data.

First, we clean your data. With so many disparate sources, data can often become muddied with duplicates or inconsistent formatting. Clean data is the wellspring from which any analytics flow. By creating a consistent format for your data — i.e., normalizing — we remove duplicates and consolidate sources, making sure every bit of information is unified.

Most problems in analytics can be solved with complex formulas in the analytics tools, but solving at the source system is ideal. Because our team understands the whole system and cleans your data up front, issues are less prevalent and resolving issues that do arise is more streamlined.   

Once your data is clean, our tech wizards will migrate it, ingesting bulk file uploads and integrating it on an ongoing basis. Here too we integrate disparate sources, harmonizing them for ease of use. Leveraging AI and machine learning, your business can set up sophisticated KPIs.  

By automating your systems, our team allows your business to act on your data, allowing your operations to be more data-driven. Visualizing your data enables you to make use of tools like Salesforce reports, Tableau, Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama), and CRM Analytics (formerly Einstein Analytics). This not only makes data easier to understand for your team, but it also improves user experience.

Seeing is Believing 

Visualizing your data has numerous benefits. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and being able to see your data allows your team to track business trends and react with more agility. 

A team is only as good as its weakest player. Similarly, a system is only as fast as its slowest component. Dialing in every part of your data has a domino effect, which ripples throughout your operations.

When your data is handled properly, Salesforce is capable of lowering your business’s time to insight, giving you near real-time perception into your data. That increased speed gives your business a big advantage that pays dividends almost immediately. 

With these strategies in hand, an experienced partner can train your team. While visualization is important, making use of visualization to drive smarter strategy is more important. Our team understands how all your systems play off one another. We can empower your team with similar acumen. Doing so affords us a deep understanding of how analytics drive your business in the direction of your choosing.

“Just like a sports team, a business needs someone to manage and coordinate each part of its data to ensure success.” @Accelerize360

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Raising the Trophy

Whether it is understanding KPIs that allow you to see cost per acquisition, lead or even conversion or making recommendations based on newly exposed insights, an experienced partner adds value to the process. Having all your data in one easy-to-navigate location is like having all the players on your team on the same page.

Setting up your system architecture so that it needs minimal tweaking going forward also sets the stage for success. Most of the solutions might simply be best practices, but an experienced partner can craft the right specification — one that limits the amount of manual work and the delays it causes. With a holistic view of your business, an experienced partner helps you secure that championship.

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