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November 7, 2023

How to Automate Your Client Communication!

The power of automated client communication for loan officers and how it streamlines the home-buyer journey.

One of our biggest loan officer tips is to automate your communication with clients. As you grow your clientele and become busy, it can be easy to fall into the habit of relying solely on your memory to respond to clients at appropriate times. 

Although it takes more effort over time, it’s also common for loan officers to manually rewrite the same base message to clients. This is where using client communication software can help you streamline your communication with clients and even save you some time! 

Client Communication Software

When we lean only on manual communication, we are more likely to make errors or even forget to reach out at crucial points in the home-buyer journey. Client communication software, such as Homer, can alert you to reach out to clients during the lending process. 

Moreover, this client automation software was designed to allow you to save customizable pre-written messages, which has proven to be a major time saver. Homer allows you to personalize client touchpoints to help you avoid making mistakes or missing important moments or opportunities. 

Learn more about client communication best practices with A Loan Officer’s Guide to Streamlining Communication with Clients

When There Should Be Communication With a Client

  • New Lead or Opportunity: Having a well-written message ready to go right when you reach out to a new lead is a great way to refine your approach to onboarding fresh clients.
  • Client Gets Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approved: This is an essential moment to touch base with your clients, congratulate them for becoming prequalified or approved, and let them know what their next steps are in their home-buying journey.
  • Client is Under Contract: Providing updates to your clients and addressing their concerns as they go under contract is vital in the role of a loan officer. Keeping clear communication during this time can clear up misunderstandings and, ultimately, ensure you retain that client and grow your business even more based on their referrals. 
  • Closing Time: Confirming details, reviewing documents, managing client expectations, and clearing up any last-minute concerns are all part of giving your clients a satisfactory home-buying experience. Communicating with them every step of the way, including closing time, will help you stand out in their memory as someone who had a positive impact on their experience. 
  • Post-Closing: Having a client communication software system to remind you to follow up with fresh closings for reviews or referrals is important for the future of your business. After all, how do you expect to grow if you don’t ask every client for their feedback or ongoing business? 

Taking an automated, versus manual, approach to client communication is how thousands of loan officers are building a sustainable future in lending. Those who have embraced client communication software see an uptick in efficiency as well as client satisfaction.

By automating your approach to client communication, you can look forward to timely reminders, tailored messages, and a comprehensive record of your interactions with each client. Not only does automated communication help you and your team remain organized, but it also can assist you in fostering a sense of trust and loyalty between you and your clients.